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Reiland's Hair Clinic
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Reiland's Hair Clinic - Rochester, MN

At Reiland’s Hair Clinic of Rochester, MN, our impeccable reputation assures our clients they will receive the very best in artistry, quality, and value due to our long tradition of individualized care and attention to detail.

Our services are offered in an atmosphere of complete privacy and confidentiality. While most of our patrons are from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa, we also have many clients throughout the rest of the country.  We provide such high quality and service that even when clients move away they still make a point of coming back to us!  We pinpoint what works best for each of our clients based on their hair type, lifestyle and degree of hair loss.

Whether you are just beginning to experience some hair loss or are in the most advanced stages of natural or medically-related hair loss, we can help with our full spectrum programs of male and female hair loss treatments and solutions.

We offer the latest hair restoration options for men and women who suffer from a variety of hair loss issues including:

We pledge to remain committed to our individualized approach and to our high quality standards. We will continue to be at the forefront of advancing the art and science of hair restoration through ongoing research and development.

Reiland's is a member of the prestigious Transitions International Group.

Transitions International Group is an elite group of Hair Restoration Specialists, comprised of an award-winning international membership of the world’s finest hair replacement and hair restoration clinics.

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