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Medical Hair Loss

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Wigs for Medical Hair Loss

For some people the word cancer creates fear and confusion. This can also apply to chemotherapy and radiation therapy used in cancer treatment. Patients can be uneasy about the treatment and possible side effects, particularly hair loss.

It’s only natural; this is not everyday occurrence for you. You may not be prepared. Given the facts and the opportunity to study them, most of us will feel less fearful. We feel better about the treatment, and we cooperate better because we understand what is happening and more importantly, why. That’s why I am here to help you through this process of your hair loss, so let me explain to you my medical hair loss service.

We are not a fashion wig shop. I design and customize your Full Cranial Hair Prosthesis. Our hair prosthesis is designed to go over skin and not hair. The cap is designed for comfort and non-irritating material for sensitive skin. Due the variation of color and sizes majority of my hair prosthesis have to be special ordered. Delivery time is usually 1 week. I do carry a few on hand but I am limited on colors. When you call me for a medical hair loss consultation I first ask if you had any chemotherapy treatment yet. The reason being is I like to see your own hair before it falls out. The hair starts shedding usually after 14 days from the first treatment. In some cases I have seen as late as the 2nd treatment of course depending on treatments. We want to get the right color match and see the current style you are wearing now. This gives us a chance to explain the difference of hand-tied human hair prosthesis and synthetic hair prosthesis. Both can look very natural because they can be fitted specifically to your head. Human hair tends to be more expensive and need more servicing. Synthetic hair prosthesis is less in price because they are made from a man-made fiber. All the hair prosthesis has to be cut and styled just like your own growing hair. That’s why they look so “Natural” and they look like you and not a wig. This is a very important process.

I teach each client on the proper care of their hair prosthesis with a product package included.

Our prices on Full Cranial Hair Prosthesis range $350 - $3500.

Hair prosthesis may be tax-deductible medical expense, and is sometimes covered by insurance. Contact your health insurance company to find out. I do not handle insurance claims but we can help in the process for you. If you are a patient at Mayo Clinic they do offer a free wig program from their studio "Erickson’s", everybody is welcome there to see their selection for wigs.

Hair Regrowth- What to Expect

Fortunately, chemotherapy and radiation therapy act on the new cells being reproduced, not on the hair follicles themselves. Hence, hair loss will be temporary in most cases. You can expect normal growth to return when therapy is discontinued. Meanwhile, take better-than-routine care of your hair and scalp during therapy. With the approval of your doctor or nurse, follow these good hair care guidelines:

  • Shampoo regularly (every 2 to 4 days).
  • Avoid high heat, such as in dryers and combs, in drying the hair.
  • Comb or brush gently to minimize undue strain on your hair. (Try a baby hair brush with soft bristles.)
  • Avoid braids, corn-rows, hair extensions.
  • Do not sleep with rollers in your hair.
  • Consider using a satin pillowcase. Think of the luxury! This will reduce friction between your hair and the pillowcase.
  • Above all, stay away from any kind of harsh chemical treatments to your hair, such as coloring, permanent waving.

Keep your hair and scalp clean with gentle products. And don’t believe the myth that covering your head can impede future hair growth. It doesn’t.

We hope this information will help you cope better with the expected hair loss during therapy by knowing the facts. When in doubt, consult your medical health team. And remember, a positive attitude won’t hinder therapy of any kind.

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