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We provide complimentary hair loss consultations.  During your consultation we discuss the right options for you concerning your hair loss situation including Totally Custom Hair Systems (beautiful natural human hair systems made just for you for all degrees of hair loss) and the following hair loss treatments: Low Level Laser Hair Therapy (Clinic Treatment) Hair Max Laser (at home care), dht SENSOR™, DS LABORATORIES Spectral DNC-L, Spectral DNC, Spectral R.S., Revita High Performance Shampoo and Nioxin®.

At your consultation we will give you a detailed evaluation sheet with pricing and information about the procedure.

Options for Men
Options for Women
Medical Hair Loss
Laser Therapy

New Hairmax Laser Comb Professional Edition with 12 Diode Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia in Females and Males.

12 individual diodes, LCD screen on back of device showing battery life and elapsed treatment time, 8 -10 minutes treatment time, auto shutoff at 12 minutes, Charging mechanism enhanced, 4 second timer consisting of beep and vibrate mechanism (previously only beep), FDA Cleared.

Retails for $545.00


iGrow, the world’s most innovative, convenient and effective hands-free, in-home hair growth system.

FDA Cleared, and $695

Grows hair, safe and effective, fully adjustable, and affordable.


There are eight different NIOXIN® Scalp and Hair Care Systems designed to help improve the appearance of thinning hair. In order to create and maintain an optimal scalp environment, each System is formulated to achieve maximum results for your specific hair type.

Each System is complete with 3-parts:
NIOXIN Cleanser™, NIOXIN Scalp Therapy™, and NIOXIN Scalp Treatment™


Spectral DNC-N is the product of years of cutting edge research to establish the highest possible efficacy from a topical application within the very complex biology of the scalp.  The goal of this research involves combining beneficial molecules in a way that potentiates their desirable properties and mitigates some of their undesirable effects.  We have also given special attention to the absorption characteristics, as some compounds only have a beneficial effect at certain locations within the scalp.

DS Laboratories Revita

The most effective shampoo for preserving hair and avoiding baldness, Revita® results from cutting-edge research at DS Laboratories.

The remarkable shampoo maintains the vitality of your scalp with a combination of anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant, and anti-DHT agents that act together against follicular dysfunction. Revita also contains active ingredients to hydrate, feed, and stimulate hair follicles.

Spectral CSF

Women’s targeted therapy for thinning hair. As a final product of research into the biology of the hair follicle in women, this formulation optimizes therapy for these unique requirements. Various factors such as a different hormonal signature and fluctuation, actual differences in follicular bulb size, skin sensitivity, and different styling practices warrant a more targeted approach for women to enable an optimal therapy and the highest possible performance. This product is the most significant technological advancement to emerge from DS Laboratories and offers exciting benefits to female users.

Spectral F7

Efficacy booster agent. Spectral F7 is the first hari treatment to incorporate astressin-B, a peptide that is very long and complex, with a 30+ amino-acid sequence, and includes a cyclo-lactam bridge. Astressin-B contains some unusual amino acids, and unlike virtually all peptides in cosmetic use, it is particularly difficult to synthesize. This advancement in the art and science of hair solidifies DS Laboratories’ reputation for developing cutting-edge technologies and bringing them to our customers first.

Spectral RS

Spectral RS® should be applied twice per day, whether your hair has been washed or not. Since there is no possibility of side effects, it is possible to apply Spectral RS® three times per day to accelerate the results. With twice per day use, a bottle of Spectral RS® will last approximately 30 days.

For best results, it is important to apply Spectral RS® regularly without skipping applications.

Spectral DNC-S

A Breakthrough hair support system. State of the art efficacy, clinically proven to provide the appearance of thicker hair. Complete therapy for thinning hair and related conditions.

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