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Reiland's Hair Clinic
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“Having worn a hair system for 30 years, my association with Reiland’s Hair Clinic has been exceptional. The professional relationship with their clients is unmatched. I’m very satisfied with the quality and selection they have to offer. They are the only place I’ll go to get my hair cut and styled."
- Arlin

"Jennifer makes me feel good from the start to the end of my appointment. Reiland’s Hair Clinic uses the best technology for each client. I have been a client for 8 years and just got my new hair systems cut in and I really love how they look and feel."
- Dan

"Excellent service! The staff takes a personal interest to be sure I’m satisfied with everything."
- Kevin

"Bob is the best barber I ever had in my life.”
- Rollie

"I would recommend Jennifer to anyone. She has excellent skills to not only cut and style but her solutions to hair loss are a must for cancer patients"
- Donna


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